High Tea Crochet Fusion Quilt Tutorial – Updated!

I’m so excited to finally present the tutorial for my High Tea Crochet Quilt! However, it’s still a work in progress. Right now it guides you through the sewing and crocheting of the squares for the blanket. I will be updating this page with the instructions for joining the squares and adding the border.

The High Tea Crochet Quilt is baby blanket size, approx 44″ x 44″.  I used each of the 36 prints in Jera’s High Tea Collection. I had a full fat quarter bundle at my disposal, but you could make this blanket with as few as 9 fat quarters by cutting 9 6-inch squares from each.

To make the blanket you only need basic sewing skills and some experience with crochet. I have included pictures, videos and illustrations to help those who are more visual learners. If you find any errors, please let me know in the comments.


Supplies Needed:

  • 72 6-inch squares of fabric (36 for the front and 36 for the back)
  • 36 6-inch squares of batting
  • 300 grams of fingering weight yarn (I used 6 skeins of Bernat Baby in antique white)
  • Other supplies: sewing machine, thread, large eyed needle, crochet hook
  • Supplies for blocking squares: large piece of cardboard or foam board, spray bottle, pins

Part 1: Fabric Squares


Place two 6-inch fabric squares right sides together, then place a batting square on top.

Sew around the square 1/2-inch from the edge of the fabric, leaving a 2-inch gap for turning. Back stitch at the beginning and end.


Clip corners and turn right side out. Press.

Top stitch around the square approx 1/4-inch from the edge of the fabric.


Part 2: Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitch around the edge of the square: 16 stitches on each side, and 3 stitches in each corner [76 stitches total].

I made a guide for myself with a piece of card stock. I cut it 4.25-inches long and put a mark every quarter inch. I pinned the card to the fabric square as I sewed.




Part 3: Crocheting around the Squares

I used a size D-3 crochet hook, but gauge is not that important for this project. You just want the completed squares to lay flat after you have blocked them. For reference my crocheted border is about 7/8th-inch wide.

Row 1–Join with a sl st in the 4th blanket stitch from the corner, sc in each blanket stitch on the sides and 2 sc in each corner stitch around [80 stitches total], join with a sl st in beginning sc.

Row 2–Beginning shell [(ch 4, trc, ch 2, 2 trc, ch 2) in joining st, sk 1 sc, sc in next sc.] Corner Shell [ch 2, sk 1 sc, in next sc (2 trc, ch 2, trc), in next st (trc, ch 2, 2 trc), ch 2, sk 1 sc, sc in next sc.] Shell [ch 2, sk 1 sc, in next sc (2 trc, ch 2, 2 trc), ch 2, sk 1 sc, sc in next sc.] Work 4 Shells on each side around. Work Corner Shell in each corner. End with ch 2, sl st into top of beginning ch 4.

Row 3–Sl st to next ch 2 space, sc, ch 5. Corner [sc in first ch 2 space at top of corner shell, ch 6, sc in next ch 2 space]. Side [ch 5, sc in ch 2 space at top of next shell]. Continue around. Join with sl st in beginning sc. Tie off. Weave in all ends.





Part 4: Blocking & Joining the Squares

Coming soon!

Blocking the squares is a process that may help them to lay a bit flatter. Use a spray bottle to wet the yarn around the block. It just needs to be damp, not soaking. Pin the crochet to a piece of cardboard or foam board (or your carpet or mattress–whatever you’ve got) so that it is square. Let it dry completely. (To be honest, I skipped this step with my blanket because I was in a rush to get it done. You could also block the whole blanket after it’s done.)


right-wrong sides of crochet

Sew the squares together with a whip stitch. I sewed them into pairs and then sewed the pairs into groups of 4 in order to avoid having to sew really long seams.





Part 5: Crocheting the Border

Coming soon!

Row 1–Join with sc at top of first shell from corner. 5 sc in ch sp, sc in next sc. Corner [6 sc in ch 6 sp, sc in next sc.] Sides [(5 sc in ch sp, sc in next sc) x 5. Work 2 sc in ch sp, sc2tog in this sp and next, 2 sc, sc in next sc.] repeat along side. Join with sl st in beg sc.

Row 2–Sl st into next sc. Ch 4 (counts as dc, ch 1). Sides [Sk next sc, dc in next sc, ch 1] repeat to corner. Corner [dc, ch 1, sk next sc, dc, ch 3, dc, ch 1, sk next sc, dc]. Join with sl st in 3rd loop of beg ch 4.

Row 3–Ch 2 (counts as beg hdc), sc in ch 1 sp. [Hdc, 2trc in ch 1 sp, hdc, sc in ch 1 sp] repeat to corner.  Corner [Hdc. In ch 3 sp work sc, hdc, 2trc, hdc, sc. Hdc in next dc, 2trc in ch 1 sp.] Join with sl st in beg hdc. Tie off. Weave in ends.

crochet quilt border - corner

crochet quilt border - side


IMG_20160313_161551 (1)

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      1. it looks like after she blocked each block (laying each block on a towel and pinning the points into place, then placing a damp cloth over it and pressing it into place.) then she connected them together by chaining 3 and then a sc in each point,

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    2. Just love your pattern … I have a collection of charms I have been saving and this would be a great project for them… using a 1/4″ seam allowance I get get 15 blanket stitches each side and 3 in each corner for a total of 72 stitches.

      Can the crochet pattern be adjusted?

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    1. You can cut 6-6 inch squares from a fat quarter so you would need 12 fat quarters to get 72-6 inch squares.

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  117. This has to be the VERY BEST TUTORIAL ever‼️ I love to crochet and I have a passion for quilts. What a FUN combo. Thanks for providing all the steps in sewing, blanket stitching, crocheting, to blocking & joining our small creations together. Then putting the icing on the cake, the finishing crocheted border. Absolutely Beautiful‼️ This quilt has my for many reasons‼️ I have my first grandchild and plan to outfit Dakota Kathryn’s lil farmhouse bedroom with one of these quilts of her very own. A very Sweet Piece of Love‼️
    Thank you!

  118. I fell in love with this project a few months ago and just about have my blocks crocheted around their edges. I am tickled pink to see to see your joining and border tutorials. Thanks so much for posting – – you do such nice work and enjoy watching.

    1. Thank you so much. I quilt and crochet and you’ve given me a great opportunity to do both. This is now on my bucket list.

  119. I am a beginning crochet girl. When joining the squares with the whip stitch am I supposed to go through both loops or only back loops? Thank you

  120. So happy to learn this !! I love it… I was having difficulty with putting the needle thru the fabric so I bought a Skip Cut Rotary Cutter Blade (45mm). At first with a 6″ square, I couldn’t get 16 across. I am going to try increasing 1/4″ on all sides. ( I did a no-no and used my blade on paper so I could easily count to 16 to see how much to increase the fabric) No more pinned 1/4″ template and the needle goes right thru. I am a little afraid of fraying so this is a trial run. Thanks again for a great tutorial !!

  121. What a beautiful blanket ! I love it.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I keep the explanation. Maybe I will do it in the future (many things to end before).
    Really nice indeed.

    Greetings from Bordeaux, France

  122. I finally finished my High Tea Crochet Quilt and I absolutely love it. It was a lot of work, but so beautiful and different, it was definitely worth it. Thank you so much for your detailed and easy to follow tutorial!

  123. Thanks very much for taking the time to make these several video tutorials, watching a video is so much easier to understand the procedure. I will definitely be making one of these for a new grandson of one of my sisters, a great nephew for me! A couple of things I may do differently will be, I will weave the ends of the yarn, after doing the first blanket stitch, into the inside of the fabric, between the batting and the outside fabrics, and hide it inside, coming out at a couple of places along the outside edge of the square and going back in, I think this will be easier than weaving in and out of the crochet edge. Also, I use the foam interlocking children’s blocks to block my crochet afghan pieces, I’ve drawn several different square sizes, and I use a steamer, and the block dries in about 15 minutes. And I think I will join the square together using a crocket hook and either a slip stitch or single crochet, either on the front or the back of the blanket, depending in whether or not I want the single crochet to be seen, as on the front, as an additional raised effect, or if you want the front to be flat, do the slip stitch or single crochet join on the back. I’m always glad for others’ ideas, and thank you again for posting all of this. I can hardly wait to buy some baby boy fabrics and perhaps a denim blue yarn, and get going!

  124. Now that I’ve found this tutorial, I shared the three videos, but how do I get to keep the rest of the tutorial, pix and crochet diagrams to get a finished project??? I’m self taught, & slow.
    This is beautiful and you did a perfect tutorial!
    Just trying to figure out how I can keep it??
    Thank you so much!!

  125. Thank you for such beautiful inspiration and fabulous tutorial. You inspired me to make my own version for my 9yr old granddaughter. I’ve wanted to try crochet fusion for a while and used your tutorial to help me along. I made 70 squares, and made up a different edging and I’m thrilled with the results. Just hoping my granddaughter will love it and see it as her family heirloom.
    I’ve added it to my Ravelry projects, linking your tutorial. Many thanks again

  126. Very beautiful im trying to make this but i have a question, in row one you said that you will have 80 stitches, i did it twice and i have 86. Because if you have 76 stitches at the beginning, and you need to make 2 more in the cornes i have 84 stitches. Could you please help me. Thanks

  127. Thanks so much for sharing!! I just finished mine. My daughter is expecting a little girl in March. This will make a perfect Christmas gift. Your tutorial was so easy to follow!

  128. This really caught my eye as a beautiful, delicate, Victorian looking quilt. I have since purchased material to do one but I think I am going to attempt to “join as you go” after completing the crochet on the first square. I have used this method on other crochet motif projects. It is good for people like me who may never finish a project when faced with the “joining up” at the end. Thank you for sharing.

  129. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and giving such clear instructions. I have been searching for a style to make a memory quilt to honor my Mom who passed away last year. I saved many of her dresses and blouses and this quilt will be such a sweet way to remember her and to comfort me and my sister. And it has all my favorite sewing and handwork elements – quilting, blanket stitch and lacy crochet!

  130. Thanks I love this! Was going to crochet an afagan for my grandaughter, but now i’m going to try this instead. but will try a bigger size. thanks again.

  131. Ohhhhhh-I have been looking for something to craft with my Mothers Senior Olympic tshirts–She will turn 87 this July and now I know what to make!!!!! Thank You Thank You Thank YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  132. Hi, love this tutorial, just so beautiful!!
    Can you please tell me what size the square is for the blocking of the finished squares?

    Thanks and kind regards,

  133. This is beautiful! My best friend of almost 50 years and I are going to collaborate and make these for our grandbabies!!! She’s going to do the quilting and I, the crocheting. We are so excited to get started! Thank you for sharing this pattern and all the great instructions with us!

  134. I am in love. Got all my fabrics together. I was reading over the instructions. I’m curious, as a quilter, why you used a 1/2″ seam instead of a 1/4″ seam. I’m so “used” to doing 1/4″. Wondering how much altering of instructions I’ll have to do if I go with 1/4″ seam. Thank you for your time and thoughts regards Dayle

  135. I just finished this quilt and it is beautiful! The tutorials are invaluable. Very clear and understandable. Has anyone done this with crochet thread, or a larger hook than a D?

  136. Love Love Love..been wondering what to do with my dads bowling shirts since he has passed away..I will be making this out of those…thank you so much!!

  137. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have a stack of flannel squares that have been waiting for the right project. I think they will look beautiful done with the crochet.

  138. OMG, this is so beautiful and you are so generous for sharing these fantastic instructions! Thank you so much! You are so imaginative and your work looks so neat and pretty; I wish I could do it so nicely. xx

  139. Started my quilt for my daughter in law
    Only hopes she likes it not like everything else I made for her gets put away and never seen again

  140. So very lovely. Thank you so much for the tutorial.
    I do wish however that there was a Pinterest button available so I could pin it for later.

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  142. I love this crochet quilt!!! I have made one and am finishing another for friend’s grandbaby girl twins. Your tutorial has been so helpful. I did choose to go with a different fabric (Anne of Green Gables) but yours is beautiful. Now I’m thinking of doing one in a layer cake size squares, IF I can figure the changes in crochet, lol.
    Thank you again for this helpful tutorial.

  143. That’s a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for breaking it into parts, and for also including the still photos. When I first listened to the first video, I was startled. We have such similar voices and accents, it was almost like listening to myself!

  144. What a fantastic tutorial, thanks for all the detailed instructions!! I want to make something similar but I am wondering if it can be washed and dried like a regular quilt or if it would get out of shape. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  145. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have just finished one using pink floral flannelette materials and pink baby wool. It turned out gorgeous and is so soft and pretty. Now I want to make another one, I think you have me addicted to fusion quilts.
    Thanks again.

  146. Thank you so much for the tutorial .. I saw this picture and fell in love.
    I am a beginner at crochet work .
    would it be possible to use 5 inch fabric squares for this ?

    Thank you

  147. I love love love this blanket but more so, I love love love this tutorial!!! Thank you very much!!! I have been working on a blanket for my 3yr old granddaughter and I’ve been stuck. This has helped me get past my problems and now I can finally finish her blanket! She and I both thank you for your help

  148. This is so pretty, would love to make one too!!! never seen this combination of quilt and crochet before, but it looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!! you have an amazing blog!!

  149. I love this quilt. Im doing the blanket stitch right now. I can’t help but think there is a “right” needle to use. Its so difficult to get the eye through the fabric. any suggestions?

    Thanks for this pattern. Its so beautiful. I can’t wait to give it to my new grand baby in September.

  150. SO GRATEFUL to have found this page!!!!!!!!!!! I kept looking and about gave up on finding a tutorial on how to make lovely quilt like this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Your work is flawless and beautiful. And you are just so wonderful to have went to so much trouble to teach us how to do this. God bless and thanks again for sharing your talents and gifts with us.

  151. This is such a beautiful quilt and I have enjoyed putting it together so much.
    I am having quite a bit of difficulty joining each pair of squares – particularly in the middle. I end up with a wonky or off center middle line, despite the rest of it lining up. Have you any tips on how I can fix this? Or what I might be doing wrong?
    It’s really frustrating because I’m so close to finishing it!
    Thank you

  152. I really love this quilt but I have a question you use 6″squares cut from fat quarters can I use 5″charm square packs to avoid the having to cut the larger squares and will that affect the crocheting not sure how to alter the number of stitches you use to make the shell pattern even all round have you tried it at all any advice would appreciated

  153. Just lovely! My granddaughter fell in love with it and it will be her ” from Nannie” annual Christmas gift. Can’t wait to get started!

  154. could you please let me know what the UK equivalent is for crotchet wool used. I’m having difficulty deciding if it’s thin like 2 ply wool or more akin to 4 ply. sorry to be so unknowlegeable. it’s just the terminology is different here. thanks x

  155. Thank you so much for sharing. My quilt came out beautiful with your great instructions. I did 35 squares ( 7 by 5) so it will fit nicely on my quilt rack. You are amazing!!!

  156. Love love love your work! I’m so excited to start this project! Will 5″ square fabric work just as well as the 6″. I found beautiful 5″ fabric squares which I’d like to use. If so, are there any changes in the instructions?
    Please email me at your soonest convenience! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  157. Delightful…
    I found myself nodding in understanding as I was watching.
    It all made sense. Inspiring work and a calm tone. Thanks!

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